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White Rocks in Jasmund National Park
Photo Credits Lemsi

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How to get there & local transport

  • Potsdam Germany: Next airports are Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schönefeld
  • Good traffic network of local trams and buses in Potsdam Germany
  • Urban railway S-Bahn S7 links Potsdam and Berlin (45min drive)

Tourist information (offices etc.)

  • Potsdam tourist office: Brandenburger Straße 3 (Brandenburger Tor), Potsdam

City tours

  • Wide range of Potsdam activities such as guided tours: from basic city tours to combined boat-and-walking tours


Potsdam town of palaces, castles and parks

Imagine a charming university town with little street cafés and a nice shopping zone surrounded by idyllic lakes and forests - that’s Potsdam, definitely one of the nicest cities in Germany. Architectural styles of different epochs, historical districts (Dutch Quarter and Russian Colony) which couldn’t be more different and numerous monuments telling an exciting history the capital of the state Brandenburg has been affected by.


Potsdam Teehaus is one of the best places in Sanssouci
Photo Credits Lemsi

In the 17th and 18th century it was summer residence of Prussian Kings and German Emperors. On their orders the best architects and artisan-craftsmen of their era produced outstanding pieces of art, whereas Sanssouci is the most famous one - an ensemble of baroque castles and marvellous buildings in a huge park complex.

Fortunately those escaped undamaged on April 14th in 1945 when Allied bombers destroyed the historical center (Altstadt) of Potsdam. Only a few months later Potsdam became the focus of international publicity when the victorious powers of World War II met at Cecilienhof Palace (Schloss Cecilienhof) for the Potsdam Conference. Truman, Stalin and Churchill signed the Potsdam Agreement and the future fate of Germany, the division of Berlin and Germany into occupation zones.

It’s only a stone’s throw from the Federal Capital Berlin - Potsdam shines with new splendidness, it flocks tourists of the whole world and is an special insider’s tip even for the German high society.

Sanssouci and Unesco World Heritage

Potsdam’s charm is that it comes up with a great mix of countless historical sights and the great nature around. Also the Prussian rulers have been impressed by that city just next door to the metropolis Berlin. In the 17th century Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg started to create a unique cultural landscape with castles and parks representing the glory of Prussia. The town was expanded, representative buildings were constructed and Potsdam got its own nice flair. So for example the Dutch Quarter arose, formerly a settlement for Dutch immigrants, today a special attraction for tourists. His son Friedrich II ‘Frederick the Great’ continued his work and started in 1745 his most famous creation - the park and palace of Sanssouci. The palace with 12 glamorous rooms including concert hall is located on top of a terraced vineyard, beautifully decorated in rococo style. He called it Sanssouci - in French “without worries” - because here he could leave the formalities of the royal court behind and had time for his hobbies music and philosophy.

Frederick’s preferences for different styles of architecture were fulfilled by the architect G.W.v. Knobelsdorff in the finest way. By the time the park was extended and buildings like the marvellous Chinese Tea House, the Orangerie Palace in renaissance style and one of the most imposing buildings, the New Palace in late-baroque architecture were added. It’s a must to see those three peaces of art but remember to take a map along or you’ll find yourself up the wrong path on almost every turn. The park is huge (e.g. 2km between Sanssouci and New Palace!) but it’s worth a walk passing fountains and many marble sculptures.

Over three centuries Potsdam was beautified and almost everything was granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1990. That includes the Sanssouci Park, New Garden with Cecilienhof, Babelsberg and Glienicke with their castles, the wonderful Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel) and also the palace and park of Sacrow with its Church of the Redeemer (Heilandskirche). In 1999 fourteen further places were included, among them are the Russian Colony Alexandrovka, the hill Pfingstberg with the Belvedere palace and the astronomical observatory (Sternwarte) in the Babelsberg Park.


Thinking of a vacation in Germany most people would love to have an all-in-one-package filled with historical sights, museums, palaces and bustling city flair full of culture but also nature to relax far from the crowds - Potsdam offers it all. Starting in the city center almost everything is reachable within half an hour. The following tips show you what’s to see and to do and how to combine some highlights in a trip.

  • It’s a good idea to rent a bike to cycle around on the banks of lake Schwielow See, there are nice opportunities for swimming or a boat trip
  • The bridge Glienicker Brücke connects Potsdam with Berlin and was an impassable border till the fall of Berlin wall. Have a nice view over Glienicke Castle grounds, Babelsberg Castle as well as Sacrower Church Heilandskirche.
  • Walk through the Russian Colony Alexandrovka, pass the orthodox Church Alexander Newski and hike up to Belvedere on the hill Pfingstberg for a spectacular view over Potsdam

Activities with kids

  • A highlight for children and the whole family: visit the film park Babelsberg for an exciting view behind the scenes with live shows, stunt shows, haunted house and more

Must Do's

  • Don’t miss the romantic park New Garden with its Marble Palace and Cecilienhof Palace. Stop by at Meierei restaurant and brewery, it’s located right by the lake Jungfernsee

Day trips

  • Day trip to the city Lübben in the region called “Spreewald” (about 100km to drive by car): Have fun by cruising through the little water channels


* Museum Schloss Cecilienhof (Neuer Garten) - this is where German history was written after the end of World War II. On a guided tour you see the rooms in which the Potsdam Conference took place

Galleries & Exhibitions

Theater & Opera


Meierei restaurant and brewery has a nice beer garden with a great look over lake Jungfernsee

Going out for Brunch


Bars & Lounges



One of the biggest Events take place in August every year - it’s called the Schlössernacht (Night of castles). It’s really spectacular when thousands of people come to the park of Sanssouci Palace to watch baroque music, dance and theatre - it ends with huge fire works


  • Make a shopping tour through the city, visit little boutiques and galleries in the Dutch Quarter


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